The Effectiveness of Using Throat Lozenges for Sore Throat

08 Nov

Most of the time, when one is having some problems with their throat such as sore throat they often resort to throat lozenges for a relief. Although majority are using the, are they really effective? Throat lozenges come in different kinds and brands hence it's quite understandable if you experience some difficulties in choosing which one is suitable for you. Here are the useful pieces of information that you must know about throat lozenges before you pop one into your mouth.

As you intake throat lozenges, how does it really work? Dry mouth lozenges are over-the-counter medications that can be easily purchase in different pharmaceutical stores. What really happens as you pop these tablets into your mouth is that it prevents irritation in the throat linings at the same time lubricate it. As one continually suck these lozenges its contents slowly dissolves in one's mouth. The ingredients in it prompt the salivary gland to produce saliva. The saliva along with the ingredients covers the entire throat lining to minimize itchiness and dryness. The effects that lozenges have vary greatly because of the ingredients found in them.

Lozenges and its natural ingredients: You might find only a few brands selling lozenges with its natural contents like honey, ginger, lemon, menthol, peppermint oil, pudina and eucalyptus oil. These lozenges can be purchased at different pharmaceutical stores without any prescriptions. There are instructions at the back of the packet so make sure you read and follow them before you consume them. This type of lozenges is usually consumed every 3 hours.

Lozenges with menthol ingredients - this is ideal for people who are having clogged nose and colds. The main reason why it's best to use when having such conditions is the fact that it acts as nasal and chest decongestant. If you are wondering why you are able to feel this chilling sensation as you intake them well this is all rooted to the cold-sensitive receptors in your throat that are triggered once you take these lozenges. If you want to feel that chilling relief from colds then you can simply ask the pharmacist for lozenges with menthol flavor. To read more about the benefits of throat lozenges, go to

Ingredient found in Eucalyptus plant - the eucalyptus oil is best used as a natural remedy for cough and colds. If you are experiencing cold symptoms, this is also best to use.

Honey, lemon, and ginger - these ingredients are commonly found in lozenges for sore throat since it gives a soothing feeling and minimize the inflammation of throat that is usually obtain from constant coughing. Since those three ingredients mentioned earlier are sold in different types of lozenges, you can just choose which among those three you prefer after all it has the same soothing effect. Know the dry mouth treatment here!

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