08 Nov

A sore through is one of the most commonly reported ailments affecting people from around most parts of the world.  Ssuch a condition is thought to be caused by viral or bacterial elements, and its signs include fever and nasal congestion among others related to common colds. 

Some of the predisposing factors of sore throats include smoking, dry heat, and allergic reactions.  A sore throat is not a serious health condition in most cases, and you won't have to rush to the hospital to seek medical care.  Nevertheless, there are essential things that you need to do to ameliorate the effects whenever you are afflicted by this condition. 

The first thing that you need to do is to quit smoking if you are smoker.  Among the many good reasons why it is healthy to stop smoking is the fact that smoking irritates your throat lining a lot. 

Since one of the causes of a sore throat is dry heat, you can always alleviate this condition by regulating the humidity of your room by using cool-mist vaporizer or other types of humidifiers.  The moisture that you are adding to the atmosphere will help prevent drying of your throat while you are asleep.  If it is winter and you are running a heater in your home, you can place a bowl of water over the radiator or a heating vent, and this will work almost the same way as your humidifier.  To learn more about throat lozenges, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Throat_lozenge#Ingredients.

It is important that you change your toothbrush regularly.  Microorganisms that accumulates on your toothbrush slowly by slowly can eventually cause a sore throat. 

One of the tested and proven ways in which you can alleviate your sore throat is by gargling salt water.  Salt is thought to be bactericidal.  Its activities include drawing water from the mucous membranes in your throat thus helping to clear the phlegm.  What you need to do is to dissolve one teaspoonful of salt crystals into a glass full of warm water and proceed to gargle four times a day. 

Another great way to deal with a sore throat is by use of lozenges for dry mouth.  You can always obtain them from a convenient drugstore near you.  Lozenges work to increase saliva production thus lubricating your throat.  You need to be careful when giving lozenges to your little ones as they can choke them. 

Another home-remedy that is effective is a concoction of a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar, a pinch of cayenne pepper, a juice of a quarter lemon and a teaspoonful of honey.  You will need to take this at least four times a day. 

Honey is thought to possess anti-bacterial properties and has been used to treat a sore throat for a very long time.  Honey can also relieve your inflamed throat as well as alleviate swelling on the mucosal membranes. Get lozenges for sore throat here!

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